Actually, I just woke up one day and decided I didn't want to feel like that anymore, or ever again. So I changed....just like that.

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10 pounds!!!


When I started my journey into the fitness world with bombshell I was a skinny tall girl with no muscle. At my first show I weighed in at a whopping 117lbs and on my 5’8 frame that is not ok….at all. My coaches realized at that point some BIG changes had to be made. And here I am four months later weighing in at 127 :).

Now to most women, what I am speaking of is crazy talk. What woman wants to GAIN weight?! With all the weight loss ads and Biggest Loser stories you never hear about the biggest gainers.. atleast in a womans world! But in reality a lot of women have trouble with this, and some men too! Myself I grew up eating whatever I wanted and never really exercising. In high school I was about 140 at my biggest point but definitely never below 135 pounds. My first year of college I had a bad reaction to getting my tonsils removed and could not eat solid food for a long time and dropped almost 25  lbs. Then I started counting calories….. and kept slipping from there. Although I never was anorexic or had diagnosed with any sort of eating disorder, I definitely had issues. Seeing the weight fall off by only eating X amount of calories a day was fascinating to me! This luckily only went on for about a year and I slowly but surely got over the counting calorie phase and put some weight back on, but never much. Never got above 120… until now :).

I honestly can say I suffered with a lot of confidence issues too. Being skinny is so many peoples dream, but to me I just wanted to feel good in my own skin. I never did. Being thin is not as awesome as some people dream it up to be! I posted a thing the other day about being “skinny fat” well that was me. I was thin, but not healthy. When I was obsessive with calories I wasn’t eating the right stuff. I would eat ice cream, (or skinny cows, I probably should’ve bought stock in those) and all sorts of other crap, just not much of it. My body first off was not getting enough calories for my frame, but the calories it was getting were not the right ones!!

That is why I am SOOO thankful for where I am now and the people God has placed in my life. My coaches Shannon and Rob have shown me a whole other side of health. Granted I have always loved reading up on nutrition and the past few years I had definitely made  change for the better by eating clean and exercising, but not to the level I am at now. After my first show in March they have kept on me to make sure I am eating (all 8 meals a day!), and repeatedly tell me to KEEP EATING (even though I had no problem doing it, I have come A LONG WAY!! ) lol. But more than that the foods they have had me eating are healthy, whole sources of nutrients that my body needs. They keep it functioning how it should. They didn’t just tell me to go binge eat a bunch of crap then they could bring me back down later with exercise and less food, no they told me to be patient and do it right. I am so thankful for them. I honestly can say I am the most confident in my own skin than I have EVER been before. Inside and out I know I am comfortable with me. And it is the absolute best feeling ever, and I have them to thank for that.

I want to push this on everyone, if you have never truly felt confident in your own skin, make a change. Start eating right and taking care of the body you were given. The bible says treat your body like a temple, do it. You only get one life to take care of it! And please learn from my mistakes. That is why I openly put this out there. YOU deserve to be happy, whole and HEALTHY!!! Don’t be stupid and crash diet or take some magic pill, if you eat the RIGHT stuff… your body literally will fall into place :).

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